Your Sacred Sacrum

Did you know most of my clients who have been horseback riders have retroverted uteri?!

Your Sacred Sacrum. Yes. It is sacred and sensitive and important! I will never forget in my first training with Rosita Arvigo when she talked about the affect of a fall to the sacrum, especially for a young girl under the age of 22, on her long term menstrual health.

We have an epiphyseal plate in between the lumbar and sacral spines that does not seal until a woman is approximately 22, so if a girl falls on the sacrum prior to that, the plate never seals correctly.

Rosita actually calls it a medical emergency when a young girl falls on her sacrum, and instructs the mother to bring the girl in for treatment right away. It can truly save her from YEARS of menstrual pain, difficulty conceiving, maintaining a pregnancy and horrific menopause!

This feels like an important topic to touch on because I know so many parents with young girls, and I would love to support them in supporting their daughters long term menstrual health.

Rosita said it and I am experiencing it in practice too, that 90-95% of my clients who rode horses as a child have severe menstrual pain or other menstrual challenges, fertility challenges, and bladder concerns as well.

In fact, many of my clients on my intake form answer, “No,” to the question, “Have you had a fall or injury to your sacrum or tailbone.” If I see this answer, and my client presents with certain symptoms, like severe menstrual pain, pain or numbness in legs or feet from standing too long, to name a couple, I specifically ask, “Were you a gymnast or a horseback rider as a child?” They look at me, shocked, like I must be psychic!

It is common to experience these symptoms among others, like chronic bladder discomfort, constipation and more, with a severe fall to the sacrum or tailbone as a child. Some girls do not remember the fall right away, and it is only after a few sessions of receiving work around the tailbone that the memory of a fall comes flooding back. It’s an amazing thing to witness!

Please take care of your sacred bone! If you or your daughters endure a hard fall to this region, contact your me or your local Arvigo Practitioner right away!

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