Your Sacred Pelvis

Reclaim Your Sacred Pelvis!

Art by Chloe Allred

This weekend we dive deep into the mysteries of the pelvic bowl.

Our souls have been longing for this. Our bodies need this. When our pelvic bowl is misaligned, so are we. When we cultivate balance and flow in our center, we find our lives begin to align. We call in that which we are seeking; partnership, financial abundance, joy and balance.

We notice old patterns of fear, anxiety, anger, resentment and so much more. As we identify how we hold these energies inside of our pelvic bowl, and re-educate our movement and postural patterns, we notice the patterns shift and fall away. This makes space for our most authentic selves.

Friday, April 21st, 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Saturday, April 22nd, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Sunday, April 23rd, 9:00 am – 3:00 pm

Location: 71 Bradford Street, Northampton, MA

This weekend is for you if you:

  • Wish to reclaim your uterus and vagina
  • Have a prolapsed uterus, cystocele or rectocele
  • Have experienced sexual or emotional trauma
  • Pee every time you sneeze, cough, run or jump
  • Suffer from painful or irregular menstrual cycles
  • Experience chronic bladder infections or discomfort
  • Suffer from chronic pelvic pain
  • Wish to reclaim your sacred sensual, sexual self

Weekend activities include:

    • Opening ritual
    • Heart Centered Movement for a Womb Centered Weekend
    • Self Care Abdominal Massage
    • Vaginal Self Massage
    • Sharing Circles
    • Journaling
    • Pelvic Bowl Posture Practice and Meditation
    • More!

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