Having tried many different modalities and styles of healing and massage work, I was looking forward to my session with Chaya, as I had not heard of Mayan Abdominal Massage work before. Our session was relaxing, went deep, and was unique. Her work in the nooks and crannies of my stomach and abdominal areas were both subtle and powerful. She opened up some areas and moved things around in a way that felt long overdue, really creating a sense of shifting unhealthy attachments and making way for a healthy resettling at my core. I appreciate her sensitivity and I look forward to our next session.

Jason Cohen
Director of the heARTbeat Collective
Healing and Expressive ARTists
for Balance, Ecology, Awareness and Transformation

— Jason Cohen

“I recently received a series of Maya Abdominal Massages. Prior to that, I had horrible pre-menstrual symptoms; breast tenderness for 10 days prior to bleeding, severe moodiness and crippling cramps on day 1 of menstruation. After the series treatments, I had no breast tenderness leading up to bleeding and no cramping on the first day, no moodiness to speak of either!”

— Name witheld

“Chaya’s knowledge of the human body and her intuitive nature provides a safe and healing environment. She always seems to instinctively know where on my body to work deeply and where to be gentle. She can see where I am out of alignment and then implement techniques to gently realign. I went to Chaya as an alternative form of treatment for a large fibroid that had recently been found in my uterus. She has provided healing and guidance for this and more, including a back injury and neck/shoulder tension. While Chaya specializes in the abdominal and pelvic regions, she works on healing the whole body. She also uses her sessions to increase awareness of one’s body and to guide one in a self-care home program, providing life-long tools. As I continue on my journey of healing, I find Chaya to be invaluable.”

— J.B.

“I worked with Chaya for a large cyst I had on my ovary. Eventually, I needed to have surgery and to have the cyst removed. In surgery, we learned that there was no healthy tissue left in the ovary, so they removed my entire ovary. Since the surgery, I have often thought of Chaya and the care she gave me leading up to the surgery. I believe her help was instrumental in the surgery going so well. Chaya was instrumental in guiding me on a self-healing journey.”

— K.L.

“When I was looking for a Mayan Abdominal Massage Therapist to help alleviate pain from large uterine fibroids and advanced endometriosis, I called several in the area. Chaya responded positively, with a willingness to help.

After each appointment with Chaya my body feels renewed and more relaxed. All the muscles, ligaments and tissues feel softer, oxygenated and invigorated. She has also taught me the importance of self-massage and how to do it properly.

Chaya’s practice and guidance are gentle, yet methodical. Her genuine warmth, caring, understanding, and compassionate listening are in perfect balance with her experience and expertise — as well as the gift of natural instinct in her healing hands.

— Jacqui

“Mayan abdominal massage with Chaya is the most healing bodywork I have encountered. After several miscarriages of unknown cause, Chaya’s care pre-conception healed my uterus so I could carry my beautiful daughter to full-term, and during pregnancy prepared me for birthing her. My uterus had been lilted and I will never forget the sense of relief and the powerful shift into emotional and creative alignment the moment Chaya gently urged my uterus into her ideal upright position.

— Sia Blaser, Birth Doula