Chaya Leia Aronson RN, BSN, Maya Abdominal Massage

Photo by Chelynn Tetrault

Chaya Leia is a practicing Registered Nurse in the western medical world, Reiki practitioner, belly dance instructor and Certified Practitioner and Teacher of the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal TherapyTM. In her quest for personal health, she discovered the Arvigo techniques of Maya Abdominal TherapyTM. This practice restores the harmony we seek, by realigning the abdominal organs. This optimizes flow of blood and lymph, thus restoring health, vitality and joy.

“Allowing oneself to receive healing touch, in perhaps the most sensitive area of the body, opens us to great healing.”

Chaya studied Maya Abdominal Massage with Rosita Arvigo at her home in Belize, where her true passion for this work and the healing of the collective womb as well as the individual womb became apparent. She works one on one with women and men, applying the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal TherapyTM and supporting the health and well-being of her clients by coaching them in ways to support their physical, spiritual and emotional health, through application of self-care massage techniques, nutritional counseling, and exercise and yoga recommendations.

For the past few years, Chaya has also been mentoring with ALisa Starkweather, founder of the Belly and Womb Conference, Daughters of the Earth, The Priestess Path Apprenticeship and the widely growing Red Tent Temple Movement. ALisa has been mentoring Chaya in the creation and facilitation of the Women’s Belly and Womb Conference.

“I deeply believe that the natural state of the body is harmonious, but that physically and emotionally traumatic events, as well as patterned ways of holding our bodies and emotions, can disrupt that natural harmony.”

Chaya is also passionate about belly dance a mode of deep healing and transformation. She empowers her students to connect deeply with the belly, lovingly and compassionately, and move from a grounded center. Learn more about Chaya’s dance classes.

Chaya works with clients and students using abdominal massage work, belly dance movements, yoga, meditation, breathing and imagery techniques to discover the natural harmony that the body intuitive wants.